Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Did you know that EK Jewelers in Northeastern Wyoming offers jewelry connoisseurs custom jewelry designs for you or your loved ones? Learn more about designing custom jewelry with EK Jewelers in downtown Gillette, Wyoming.

I believe that making custom jewelry is the crème de le crop—in fact, I love it so much it was my major in college. Custom jewelry is so special to the wearer because it’s made specifically for them—it’s a piece that tells their unique story.


When jewelry is custom made, it creates prestige—a uniqueness that increases the value of the jewelry as well. I want my customers to understand that a customized piece of jewelry is not a mass produced item. This means that if I have another client who loves the design, I will get the creator’s permission to make the same thing, or if I can alter the design for the new customer. 


When making a custom piece of jewelry for a client with EK Jewelers, I believe that I can offer an experience like none other. My custom jewelry clients have often told me that my ability to listen to what they really want is truly special. I work hard to make their dream custom jewelry creation happen.


If you’re interested in ordering your own custom jewelry from EK Jewelers, or creating a custom piece of jewelry for a loved one, I make it easy. If you have a design in mind, you can contact me with picture ideas or a description—feel free to call, text, email, direct message me on Facebook or Instagram, or schedule a time to talk to me one-on-one.


If you aren’t 100% sure on the design, I can sketch some ideas out and pull together elements from other jewelry to describe what I hear you are looking for. I will help you select the right stones (fine quality vs commercial quality vs lab created) and metals (10K gold vs platinum vs sterling silver, for example), as well as mounting designs and styles. Sometimes it helps with knowing a price range you aim to be in, too. 


This entire process can take anywhere from between two to four weeks—mostly depending on the speediness of our conversations and when the deposit is paid.


Custom jewelry is the best story you’ll write for your loved one, or yourself. It’s a way to pass a unique story onto your loved ones as the years go by.


To order your one-of-a-kind custom ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet or more, stop into EK Jewelers at 217 S. Gillette Avenue or contact us at 307.363.4010 or [email protected]



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