Quirky diamond fun facts

Quirky diamond fun facts

To celebrate one of my favorite dazzling gemstones, I wanted to share some quirky and fun facts about diamonds.

Have you heard that there’s an incredible diamond stash out there! Well … it’s kind of a stash… or really it’s that 80% of diamonds mined are used in tools or computers or in other industry needs. That only means that there are about 20% of the diamonds mined that are clear enough (and high enough quality) to be used in jewelry.


Ya’ll know how big a dump truck is? One large dump truck can haul around ten tons of mined materials. Did you know that it takes more than 25 dump trucks full of materials to find one, one white carat diamond. Crazy. Companies mine roughly one million diamonds out of 25 dump trucks, but remember that only 20% of those diamonds can be used in that special, perfect ring or pair of earrings you buy for your loved one.


To go along with my dump truck theme: do you know how many dump trucks it takes to pull out one, one carat naturally colored diamond–we’re talking about the natural pink, yellow, chocolate, and blue (not the extremely rare green, red, purple or orange)? Roughly 250,000 dump truck hauls to get one, one carat colored diamond.


Diamonds aren’t only a very cherished gem, they really are rare! I could go on and on about fun facts about gemstones.


So, what do you want to know about diamonds? Tell me in the comments!



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