Muley Ridge Designs Jewelry Now Available

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Muley Ridge Designs Jewelry Now Available

Local designer Scott with Muley Ridge Designs is now offering his beautiful craftsmanship in rings, bracelets and stoppers at EK Jewelers in downtown Gillette, Wyoming.

Each piece is made with so much love and care. Scott mixes beautiful materials like maple and turquoise, antler and ivory, and more into his designs. A lot of the materials are locally found here in Wyoming and Montana. Each piece is handcrafted, and an original. 


Scott takes time to stabilize all his materials before using them in the designs. The stabilizing process takes at least two days in a specific kiln, and then he moves onto dying the material or right into using it. Some of his woods he has dyed, or even antler or bone. That, too, takes a couple days for the dyeing to hold prior to use. Then he starts using his hands and tools to sand and form the material to fit on a ring or bracelet. The thing with wood, bone, antler, and other material like this is that unlike gold and silver if you cut too small, you can't size it up to fit. He takes time in sanding and smoothing the final product so perfect you won't see a flaw. 


Scott takes pride in his work. He also has a full-time job, so building these pieces are done around being a husband, father and a full time employee. 


To order your one-of-a-kind Muley Ridge Designs piece, stop into EK Jewelers at 217 S. Gillette Avenue or contact us at 307.363.4010 or [email protected]


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